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All the lovely ladies of Tumblr. Nerd, geek, whatever you prefer, I think we ladies should unite! I want this page to show us in our glory, to prove that yeah geeky girls can be hot, but we weren't put here to act as your fantasy play things.


Photographer: Brother Gus Editor: Pissed Off Pistol Photography Designer: ANW Leather Model/MUA/Stylist: Chelsea Christian
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I wonder what would happen if somebody invented a video game wherein your vision is first-person camera and you never see a reflection or yourself or hear your own voice but you basically just have to do standard action game stuff and then at the end of the game it goes into third-person camera and BAM TURNS OUT YOU WERE A LADY ALL ALONG I would just be interested to know how that would be received by the gaming community


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Cara from LEGEND OF THE SEEKER. (Still miss that show!)